“Shred the Box” works by Melissa Libutti.

Melissa has been a professional artist for 25years.  Her artistic career began as a photography make up artist in southern California.  She has attended undergraduate studies in Connecticut and California, and completed an associate’s degree at Front Range College majoring in Multi-Media.  She has since worked as a professional graphics and web designer using her artistic talents on the computer as well as on canvas.  Melissa has shown her work in reputable galleries over the past 25 years and sold works to collectors such as Tyrell Davis of the Denver Broncos.  Her recent work has been shown in abstract shows at the Venice Art Center and the Sarasota Art Center galleries as well as several private home viewings.

Is there a cosmic channel of creativity?  The key to my best work is to tap into the spiritual channel to allow my personal creativity to flow.  When I am connected to my higher self or my spiritual self, authentism  and passion emerge.  My art work is spirit combined with a craving for color, texture, and depth and the emotional challenges of life. 

Mr Egan an art teacher I once had said it best: All artwork is some form of self portrait.  Whether that self portrait depicts a form or pure expression of self.  The hidden layers of personality and life experiences influence expression.  However I still believe ultimately the truest works are ones that emanate from a higher source.

It is an interesting phenomena.  A tuning to one’s inner soul, so to speak, to create art.  A divulgence of emotion and verve emerge.  For me, this higher plane of consciousness is the ultimate source for both my imagination, expressionism and technical resourcefulness.

My work is also very influenced by the turmoils and pains of life.  Life can be very challenging and overwhelming.  Painting is a passion that releases feelings and uplifts.  Shred the box, shred it, shred the box.