Artist Statement

What is liminal space? “Liminal space is an in-between space. It is the space when you are ‘on the verge’ of something new: you are between ‘what was’ and ‘what will be’.  A place of transition.” – Chris Drew, PHD.

That nervous sense when you are not sure what comes next. That sensation of been woken from a dream and you’re not quite sure if it was real or you are real.  Like when something really wonderful happens, people often exclaim, “is this really happening?”  The state when one is holding another as they die.  That type of feeling appears with every work I create. Throughout my creative process I feel as though I am in and out of a liminal space.

I have inspiration and ideas for paintings constantly going through my mind.  So when I have a fresh canvas in front of me I may have an idea or a photograph of what to base the work on.  Never do I have any clear image of what the end result will be.  When I have a notion of what I want to see next and the process is flowing, I am excited. This  usually comes about when I feel a strong connection with my spiritual self, like another has taken over my hands and I am just an onlooker.  It is here that I’ve crossed the threshold of mundane consciousness. At these times I feel a freedom in my work and at manifesting my true spirit.  When I am not as open to my higher consciousness I am back into a liminal space.  Becoming aware of this trait in myself has helped me work on staying attuned to the powers that be and allow the creative universe and my higher self to flow and grow.  Every piece brings me to a new place with my life.  When a project is complete and I am satisfied with the outcome I feel elated.  I have grown on a spiritual, emotional and intellectual level.  The fire inside glows a bit brighter and I have moved beyond the threshold of liminal space.

Aasha.  is an in-depth look into life as a spiral of life, death, birth and perhaps reincarnation. She evolved into a profound symbol for our fears of death, and confidence in eternal life.  She represents the belief of our souls continually evolving into higher creatures and how beautiful life and birth can be. With a sensation that death can be beautiful too. 

She started out as a freeform quick outline painting of a womanly figure, very simple. She slowly transformed into a woman who is drowning and dying while at the same time giving life, perhaps even bursting with life and she is floating appearing as a beautiful dancer in the water.  We do not know if she is being murdered or is this suicidal or some natural accident but, she is rising above life and the turmoils that exist here on this plane of existence. She is the Wonder of the World and Humanity by giving birth and even in death she is alive.

The whole process was an extremely intense experience for me.  I hadn’t painted since my husband had passed on, so, she was an anchor to keep me going during the beginning throes of grief.  I had played around with resin pours and began to process the idea of this painting incorporating a pour with other mixed media and multiple layers of resin.  Something unique and different.  I had no idea how I was going to proceed.  She started out as a simple monochrome abstract. Bright pastels cajoled her to emerge.  I truly feel as though I was led through the experience by someone from above.  There were a few instances of being in a liminal state.  I felt stuck, unsteady, unsure of myself and afraid to attempt new techniques for fear of “ruining” the piece. Luckily, something inside me pushed me to carry on with a feeling of being guided.  This painting meant so much to me.  It was a gift to my husband in a way, unlike the cremation pieces I had made with his ashes.  It was a statement that I would be okay.  That I was strong and could make it through this overwhelming sense of despair and agony.  Aasha was giving me her strength and energy through her manifestation.

The completion of Aasha.  The Spiral of Life and Death, brought on a transformation within myself and she became a liminal artwork.  My work is a means to not only express my true essence but is a pathway to a creative spiritual plane and brings me the opportunity to tap into the collective imagination of the Universe. My intent is for her to give that same strength and hope to others as she did me.  My artwork is spirit combined with a craving for color, texture, and depth and an  outlet for the emotional challenges of life.

“Shred the Box” works by Melissa Libutti.

Melissa has been a professional artist for 25years.  Her artistic career began as a photography make up artist in southern California.  She has attended undergraduate studies in Connecticut and California, and completed an associate’s degree at Front Range College majoring in Multi-Media.  She has since worked as a professional graphics and web designer using her artistic talents on the computer as well as on canvas.  Melissa has shown her work in reputable galleries over the past 25 years and sold works to collectors such as Tyrell Davis of the Denver Broncos.  Her recent work has been shown in abstract shows at the Venice Art Center and the Sarasota Art Center galleries as well as several private home viewings.

Is there a cosmic channel of creativity?  The key to my best work is to tap into the spiritual channel to allow my personal creativity to flow.  When I am connected to my higher self or my spiritual self, authentism  and passion emerge.  My art work is spirit combined with a craving for color, texture, and depth and the emotional challenges of life. 

Mr Egan an art teacher I once had said it best: All artwork is some form of self portrait.  Whether that self portrait depicts a form or pure expression of self.  The hidden layers of personality and life experiences influence expression.  However I still believe ultimately the truest works are ones that emanate from a higher source.

It is an interesting phenomena.  A tuning to one’s inner soul, so to speak, to create art.  A divulgence of emotion and verve emerge.  For me, this higher plane of consciousness is the ultimate source for both my imagination, expressionism and technical resourcefulness.

My work is also very influenced by the turmoils and pains of life.  Life can be very challenging and overwhelming.  Painting is a passion that releases feelings and uplifts.  Shred the box, shred it, shred the box.